Andoird Development tools enhancements in Revision 20

Andoird Development tools enhancements in Revision 20

I was very much exited to here what my 2 favorite engineers at google Xavier Ducrohet and Tor Norbye’s, session at I/O 2012 on Whats New In Android Development Tools. There were many features as expected was enhanced faster rendering of the layout file better linking between xml and the screen render-er, xml...
Google I/O goes live from here...

Google I/O goes live from here…

  Having been waiting for like so long for this its great to be a part of Google I/O 2012.   

Simulating SMS in an Android Emulator

Incoming SMS as well as SMS related commands can be simulated in an emulator using command line terminal. Follow the steps to simulate SMS in emulator. Start the emulator. Open command line console and type “telnet“. Telnet client helps to connect to a remote server or a system. Connect the localhost using telnet by typing the following command “o localhost 5554” . The default port in which the emulator is operating is 5554. Successful connection will display the following message in console “Android Console: type ‘help’ for a list of commands OK “ To send the sms type: sms send 12345 Hai On successful execution of the command SMS alert can be seen in the emulator. Try it great tool.

Handling multiple devices configuration and screen size issue

Hello everyone, I have been busy from past weeks creating some JavaME projects just for the excitement of porting on different handsets and dealing with there specific issues and all. While it is good to use the provided componentes of the API for developing form based apps in JavaME, it is always best to stick to the canvas based custom components. So while exploring some LWUIT is the best of all and it has seamless integration between manufactures models, and can be used for wide range of projects. Personally I would favor LWUIT for LWUIT for apps which require Forms components heavily as creating UI is fairly simple and highly flexible.

IPhone project utilites and custom codes

Hello everyone, While I was working on iPhone project I wanted to research on different UI components that I could get to enhance the user experience. Various controls are available here for iPhone and iPad application some examples like.. Cover flow Slide controls UILabel view controller for iOS allowing to the user to tap on certains words etc.. Go on enjoy the different controls that keep on getting added in the below link,

Using WSDL / SOAP functionality in Android, iPhone

  Dear all, I was working on a project which involved interacting with WSDL / SOAP services in written in .NET. To be frank I am very new to SOAP services and all so had to de a lot of research on how to use it and how to interact with them to fetch data. For those who do not know the SOAP services is a service which revoles around your data and does all the basic building block of fetching and sending the data in XML or JSON format which ever you want to select. It gets created along with your project configuration you have to only provide it you data class with its member variables, and rest of the heavy lifting work of creating the wrappers for encoding and decoding them is done for you, you just have to think about the you know the big fat business logic of your code....
Android Architecture Tutorial: Developing an App with a Background Service (using IPC)

Android Architecture Tutorial: Developing an App with a Background Service (using IPC)

Intro Android is a wonderful platform. It has a rich API that allows you, a developer, to easily implement things that other platforms do not support at all or they need you to bend over backwards to get what you want. The ability to develop a service that runs in...
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Creating custom buttons in android applications

Dont you feel bored of using the default button background in your Android application. Here I am going to explain how to add custom background for buttons in your Android applications. Create a new Android project in Eclipse. Add a button in your layout XML  file. Create a xml file in the drawable folder. For example res->drawable-> mybutton.xml...

Android – Lazy Loading of ImageView image Library

Have an ListView or a Table View that shows images loaded from the remote location then you need to take a look at the library.

Eclipse With The “Android Sources” Plugin

Ever thought of finding out what code is written within the API calls we make in ANDROID during development. I have been developing it and always wanted to debug the API level of code to find out how the API’s work or process our parameters. Now I can check the code of, BrodcastReceiver, etc...

Helpfull links on iOS Delegate

If you are planning to use delegate methods then I think you need to referrer to some of these links. How to use custom delegates in Objective-C How do I create delegates in Objective-C? Link: I hope this will help you a great deal in understanding delegates.

Three20 & Xcode4: Solving the Various Build and Archive Errors

This worked for me hope it works for all. Also note Xcode 4 version & three20 lib is not 1.0.5 All the below mentioned is already handled in three20 1.0.5 After struggling for hours to solve the various build errors with Xcode4 and Three20 (old Xcode3.2 project), and then investing additional precious time to get...

Class to get the Lattitude and Longitude of a given address in iPhone

While creating an maps base application we need to bother about the address(input)…. and the region(output) to be displayed will be given by the function in this class

helping xCode userfriendliness

Linking Custom Frameworks & Static Library from your Xcode Projects Custom Framework Linking in XCode In order to use the functionality of framework, whether third party or created by yourself), you will need to link your application against the framework in question, and deploy the framework along with your application. There are two common ways...

Share Kit – iOS application Utility for Social Netwqorking API

Only 3 lines of code to support Facebook, Twitter, etc social network in iOS application Check this link out.. Get ShaKit

Example Code for ASIHttpRequest Lib usage…… Beginners

Hello, Another utility to use for Network connectivity is ASIHttpRequest by Ben Copsey. This piece of code will do all the heavy lifting work for you to support your REST services. ASIHTTPRequest is an easy to use wrapper around the CFNetwork API that makes some of the more tedious aspects of communicating with web servers...